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What is considered harassment?

Following actions by recovery agents will be considered harassment:

  • Contacting your friends and relatives about your debt without your knowledge or acceptance.
  • Calling you repeatedly and putting mental pressure to pay the loan EMIs.
  • Threatening you or your family or relatives.
  • Trying to humiliate you by visiting your place of business or home without notice.
  • Insulting you in public by implying that you are in debt and unable to pay.

What are the RBI guidelines for recovery agents?

The RBI has established some rules for debt collectors that are supposed to protect consumers from abuse. These include:

  • Debt collectors cannot visit your home without appointment.
  • Debt collectors cannot call you at work or visit your office without notice.
  • They cannot insult or intimidate you in any manner.
  • They can't use abusive language while interacting with you.
  • They need to carry bank’s identification and authorization letter.
  • They cannot contact you before 7 am and after 7pm.

What are the legal remedies available?

  • Filing a complaint at the police station
  • Filing an injunction suit for relief against the bank and compensation for abuse
  • Filing a defamation suit against the bank and recovery agent
  • Trespassing suit if collection agents enter your home or office without consent
  • Complaint to your bank's ombudsman
  • Complaint to RBI if your grievances are not resolved by bank's ombudsman

How can we help?

We can help you in case you are facing any harassment. Our team of lawyers will take action based on your situation and level of harassment face by you. This includes talking to the recovery agent and explaining that if they don't stop the harassment, legal action will be taken against them; escalating the complaint with the bank and the bank's ombudsman, filing complaint with RBI etc.

What's next?

If you need help to put a stop to the harassment or settling a loan, then Loansettlement is here to help! We can work with you no matter what your circumstance. You could be eligible to settle your loans as soon as 90-120 days after signing the contract, so apply now and start receiving relief right away!

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